Holy City Ahltanna

The Holy City of Ahltanna has fallen to the Confederitaal. See New Confederitaal.

The following is archived information:

The Holy City of Ahltanna was founded shortly after the Great Upheaval following the collapse of a large metropolis whose name has been lost to history. Though little is certain of the tumultuous time following the upheaval, it is common knowledge the prior area was largely devout in the various surviving religions before upheaval. Some blamed a lack of faith for the destruction of the city. Others viewed the absence of the gods’ intervention as evidence they either do not exist or do not care. The discovery of magic widened the schism between apostates and believers resulting in a diaspora of mages to what is now known as the Mage City Garamond. The Arcane Council of Garamond claims the early mages where subjected to witch hunts, but historians from other kingdoms have displayed evidence the flight of the mages was likely voluntary and secret due to the scarcity of magic users at the time.

As a result of religious fervor, Ahltanna built itself on a theocratic school of law. Though the public retains some rights left over from before the Great Upheaval, the true power rests in Ahltanna’s absolute monarch who is both pontiff and regent. The clergy of various pantheons make up the second highest class in Ahltanna followed distantly by its legions of knights and paladins. Ahtlanna has always been a polytheist city believing the blessings of the entire good-aligned pantheon is necessary for metaphysical protection of the nation.

The Ahltannans are highly skeptical of the denizens of Sparktown believing their revival of ancient technology will awaken a new upheaval – something many already fear as evidenced by the destruction of Belmont.

Though Ahltanna was born in a schism with the Mage City Garamond, the last three kings have sought to make peace or at least gain common ground with their distant cousins. The move is seen by the Arcane Council of Garamond as an entirely self-serving defense against Sparktown. However, there is cause to believe the motives of Ahltanna are benevolent. Most recently, Ahltanna has legalized the practice of Abjuration magic and added several Garamond trained mages to its forces. The king has used his new allies to directly assault monsters in the Gorilla Mists and openly advocates reclaiming ancient borders within the wilderness with the power of Ahltanna and Garamond combined.

Holy City Ahltanna

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