Ancient Peoples

The Ancient Peoples once ruled over Ceres benevolently in a democratic world wide nation whose name has been lost to history. The ancient peoples are composed of: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, and Halflings.

The elven race has been split into two: the Wood Elves and the Elves or “True Elves” as they call themselves. A significant majority of elves elected to abandon technology and the rebuilding of civilization and seek to appease the spirit of nature into sparing their race. It is unclear whether or not their goals have been successful. Wood Elves are staunchly ruled by tradition. True Elves revel in rebellion and are often the most liberal of races setting themselves apart from their fallen brothers.

The Dwarven race has the greatest interest and success in discovering forgotten technology deep within the earth preferring to risk nature’s wrath than live on the surface under her heel.

Gnomes were the first race to gain the power of magic and are some of the most ardent defenders of civilization and high culture.

Ancient Peoples

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