Wrynn Eizenheart

Cold and calculating disciple of Quintis Folstoy


Wrynn Eizenheart is the crown princess of the Reinstadt royal family who are retainers of Emperor Lawrence Araius. She is the favorite disciple of Quintis Folstoy, known as the “Death Blade” weapon master of Confederitaal. Her father, Duke Olaf, was murdered in an earlier conflict by assassins of Delcross. Himself a master swordsman, he was done in by taking eight attackers at once. Wyrnn has since learned the Nanten technique of defensive fighting giving her the nickname “Returning Blade” due to her primarily defensive military strategies. Her long relationship with her master is suspected by the nobles to be improper due to Wrynn’s astonishing beauty and utter refusal to marry. She is well past the age of marriage in the Confederitaal at the age of 26, but still many suitors attempt at her hand. When asked, she goes on at length about her master, Quintis Folstoy, giving some the impression she is obsessed.

Wyrnn is hesitant to act offensively, a quality that Quintis has fostered into a defensive mastermind. Following her master to the province of New Confederitaal, the two have thusfar managed the perfect balance of attack and defense.

Wrynn Eizenheart

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