Quintis Folstoy

Renowned Weapon Master of Confederitaal


Known as the Dead Blade, Quintis Folstoy is without equal in the way of martial combat. Quintis is the master and martial instructor of Emperor Lawrence Araius. Quintis’ prowess crosses many disciplines including the axe, the spear, and the long sword. He is known to lack fondness for bludgeoning weapons claiming they are only effective versus heavy armor – which he himself refuses to wear. Agile and quick, he is a duelist without equal in any other nation. His style is known to be incredibly offensive with relentless attacks.

Quintis favorite student is Wrynn Eizenheart, the daughter of Count Olaf of the Reinstadt royal family. The relationship between the two is a source of many rumors, especially due to Wrynn’s great beauty, but the most accepted belief is that Wrynn is obsessed with Quintis and the feelings are not reciprocated due to their 15 year difference in age.

Quintis has been assigned to defend the outpost of New Cofederitaal – formerly Ahltanna – in the stead of Emperor Ariaus who has gone to war with Delcross in the Nansen Desert. Wrynn is his loyal and trusted lance corporal and treated with equal political power in the region.

Quintis Folstoy

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