Supreme Witch Morgana

Warlock of Delcross


Heir of His Holiness Dacius Erebus Maximus, Morgana is an incredibly powerful warlock who seeks to prove her prowess. Her father has apparently forgotten her name, something perfectly excuseable with the sheer amount of heirs Dacius has sired, but Morgana will not settle until “god”, as she calls her father, acknowledges her.

Morgana shares her father’s taste of tyranny and reckless abandon for her enemies, though she is not as wise about her acquisition and use of power. A powerful warlock, Morgana has drawn the attention of the demon Naazu, who accompanies her in her quest for power at any cost. Her recent position to the lordship of the Mage City Garamond is a setback for her ambitions. She years to be on the front in the Confederitaal where her father can witness her glory.

Supreme Witch Morgana

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