Emperor Lawrence Araius

Emperor of Confederataal


Emperor Lawrence Araius is the emperor of the newly unified Confederitaal whose arrival predicted by the rise of the Sword constellation over his home nation. His campaign of military conquest is the swiftest in post-Upheaval history. Over a third of the Confederitaal’s fuedal lords surrendered with the remainder forced from power and brought under his control through fierce military strategy. Araius was educated under the master philosopher Ravid of the Nansen Desert. At a young age he mastered both military strategy and martial combat. His preferred weapon is the longspear in which he has no equal aside from the famous Confederitaal weapon master Quintis Folstoy under which Ariaus studied.

Emperor Lawrence’s battle prowess has attracted some of the finest young warriors who wish to prove themselves in combat. Himself a minor noble of a major house, Lawrence favors those who have earned their status over those born into power. Ariaus has survived numerous plots against his life notably from the Bregen family. The Bregens staunchly opposed Ariaus rise to the throne believing it would end the Confederitaal, but mysteriously switched sides to be Araius’ most vocal supporter several months ago.

Araius has married into the Bregen family as a show of fealty. His wife, Countess Helene, is rarely seen with Araius in public. Helene is much younger than Araius and is known to be a tad naive in regards to the ways of the world. She has bore Araius a male heir, Gertrude, who recently turned one.

It is known Araius’ old flame, Sara ibn Ravid, daughter of his former teacher Ravid, went missing some time ago in the Nansen desert. Rumors abound of a Bregen plot to kill an illegitimate heir, but the reality seems to be that Sara has chosen the life of a hermit of of her own accord and split from Araius herself upon his rise to power.

Emperor Lawrence Araius

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