His Holiness Dacius Erebus Maximus

Religious and Political Leader of Delcross


King Dacius reign was heralded by the erasure of the Cresent constellation of the sky into what is now known as The Void. Like the oblivion which predicted his coming, Dacius has brought nothing but horror and suffering to his enemies and glory at any price for his beloved Delcross. Infamous the world over for forcing a tribal leader of Espandon to flay himself alive for the “crime of monstrousness” Dacius views himself as the true prophet of the “god of the ancient peoples”. A cult of personality has arisen around Dacius containing a whose who of major figures from both inside and outside of the Empire.

Dacius has over 42 official heirs and some suspect multitudes more. Several of his heirs have achieved great fame including the gladiator Ursus. His libido would be something of an embarassment to the Empire if it weren’t for his people’s nearly psychotic adoration. Amongst some of his exploits are the enslaving of Espandon black dragons serving as terror and air troops for the Delcrossian military, his alleged forced marriage after an alleged rape and later alleged murder of the beautiful Uylita of Nalvalad from whom he bore 6 children in the space of 9 years, and, of course, his legendary pacification of Espandon. Even Dacius uneasy alliances with seaside nations have benefited great from the barbarian raids. He keeps many of the enslaved Espandon druids in a menagerie to preserve the “memory of their savagery for generations to come”.

Though Dacius is cruel to his enemies in the extreme, he has never once shown anything but utter respect for his people and their customs. Though he himself is detested by foreigners, it is not uncommon to have a shrine to Dacius in the homes of his citizens for whom life has improved dramatically. The importation of powerful magic from the Mage City Garamond has greatly bolstered Dacius primarily psionic and martial forces.

Dacius has little respect whatsoever for Emperor Lawrence Araius and refuses to acknolwedge Queen Arturia Millicent of Belmont‘s very existence. He commonly boasts how he himself disembowled Wrynn Eizenheart’s father calling him a “good for nothing swordsman”. It is far more likely Dacius, who is not known for martial prowess, merely had the order fulfilled on his behalf.

His Holiness Dacius Erebus Maximus

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