Relic Hunting Has Never Been So Leafy


Don’t have enough time to write last weeks recap right now. Updated the following wiki docs:

Once Village Now Town

The characters return to Belmont to discover bustling activity. Many pilgrims on their way to visit Hama have flooded the town along with merchants selling wares and expatriates from Holy City Ahltanna. A new rival inkeeper Gromsh has set up an orcish tent inn which has weekly contests as entertainment. At first, the Merchant Guild was upset by this new upstart, but have since made peace, due primarily to the effect of pushing the city to a lawful alignment. The remaining non-guild shopkeepers were treated less mercilessly and forced out or dealt with in “hostile negotiations”.

A group of expatriate merchants from Ahltanna attempted to buy a significant portion of land to start a plantation but requested Hama Kiainuki be removed as well. Instead, the party decided to give control of the land to Hama to build a monestary. When the monestary is complete, the city will be solidly Lawful Neutral.

A newcomer from the town has arrived named, Illiksandr Renault. He claims to be a noble from the far off nation of Confederitaal. He is pursued by a rival noble vowing revenge for killing his lord. Illik refuses to duel the man as he is an inferior opponent and he no longer wishes to sully his hands with needless death and destruction.

The party learned a little about the rest of the world from the Twilight Market and made enough money to build a wall for the city which is currently under construction.

A representative of Sparktown has recently arrived to negotiate a deal. It may prove more difficult to negotiate now that Garrick Witherspoon has been elected head of the Merchant Guild and therefore has a vote on the city council comprised of the party members. Garrick’s affiliation with Sparktown is well known but little understood.

A messenger from out of town has arrived bringing news that the war between Delcross and Espandon is reaching a close, with the former all but defeated.

Floods & Allies

A four day rain nearly flooded the town and prevented Leopold from returning with supplies and allies from the Mage City Garamond. The players discovered a group of elves was casting magic to cause the rain and quickly put them to death. None of the elves survived to inform their elders.

Gartuk, the injured orc footpad, has returned to duty. Yvonne, a tactical warrior footpad, has caught a cold and is bedridden. The town’s defenses have remained the same.

The players decide to contact the Holy City Ahltanna first as they view knights, paladins, and clerics as necessary to both reduce crime in the present and future and provide for a more permanent defense in Belmont.

Much to their dismay, mercenaries from Ahltanna seem to have little interest in helping a small hamlet like Belmont. The city will have to rebuild and grow before conscripting Ahltannans in large numbers. The players did manage to recruit Dannica, a powerful warrior, to their side out of the promise of less monotonous work. Dannica has all but pacified Harvos’ bullying. A hidden Twilight Market of rogues and rogue services was present in Ahltanna in Sham’s Accoutrements shop, but neither the vampire vecna worshipping assassin or the holy avenger assassin were viewed as stable. A gun fire hire was interviewed, but no final decision has been made.

A conservative lawyer and his best friend, a liberal lawyer, were found arguing in the tavern. Phae convinced the two to help meter justice in Belmont. As a result, Belmont’s crime has reduced and it has grown less hospitable to rogues. The citizenry have become more lawful.

A cleric of Moradin was interviewed at the temple, but, like most other Ahltannans, he had little interest in serving a less auspicious town without a major chapel. Hamma, an exalted dwarven monk with a vow of poverty was found outside. He and his homeless disciples have moved to Belmont and taken up residence. The citizenry have become more lawful and good aligned. Crime in Hama’s Quarter of the city have all but ceased. Residents of Hama’s Quarter require little surveillance during the night watch making the city’s guard more effective. Hamma’s presence will likely draw pilgrims in the future increasing Belmont’s tourism but also bringing in the risk of diseased pilgrims and poverty stricken refugees.

A pile of religious books was donated by missionaries to Phae, but the books have yet to be put in Belmont’s library.

The second day in town a cabal of witch hunters rioted near the inn in which the players were staying. Disturbed by this turn of events, Ilda went to the captain of the guard for assistance. Kirland, the captain of the guard, expresses his problems controlling the local nobility’s children and their constant witch hunts. Though it has become legal to practice most forms of magic in Ahltanna, a small cabal of nobles still do not trust mages and have become vigilantes. Kirland receives word the Archbishop who made the practice of magic legal has been assassinated and immediately declares martial law. It is unclear whether he desires a military coups, is merely trying to restore order, or perhaps isn’t sure either way himself.

The players find themselves locked down in a foreign city under martial law with no knowledge of how Belmont is doing.

Salvaging Bellmont

The town of Belmont has seen better days. All but a handful of buildings and shops remain and a majority of skilled labor are missing. The characters, led by the knight Phae, have been elected as an emergency council to rebuild the city.

Their first actions were to assign a shift of 3 night and day guards. One of the guards was nearly mortally wounded the first night and made worse by an attempt at healing, but has since stabilized.

The first task the characters chose was to clear the path to the Holy City of Ahltanna. The work required several days of construction to make a winding mountain road as the original path was made impassible by the Upheaval. One worker was killed during construction by a Spider Eater. Another Spider Eater was bound and lassoed and brought to Leopold to use as a flying mount to contact the mage city of Garamond. Contact with Garamond will increase trade and potentially bring arcane defenders and inhabitants to the city.

Havros was conned into helping gather a lost shipment of Ironwood with the promise of ladies of the night in the newly rebuilt Inn which the wood would be used to construct.

Constructing the inn increased Belmont’s crime and trade.

Over The Chasm and Through The Wood

The players found themselves in a deeply recessed growth after a devastating Upheaval. In the ruins of the Upheaval, the players discover advanced ancient technology including autonomous golems and medical scanning devices. Deeper within the earth they discover the remnants of a Dwarven mining operation – perhaps the cause of the druids’ anger in starting the Upheaval. Making their way through a labyrinth of wood and ravenous insects, they eventually came upon the ruins of the town of Belmont. The characters have taken it upon themselves to revive Belmont to its former glory and protect the survivors.

Ramifications of Player Decisions:

The choice to repair the elevator instead of travel through the insect tunnel prevented a moral decision between saving the lives of innocents at the risk of awakening a powerful monster which might kill the party. These innocent bystanders were the missing 40 citizens of Bellmont – who have since been devoured.

The treasure chest clinging on the cliff was in actuality a Mimic – a creature which can take the form of any other object – and fighting it on a precipice would have been deadly.

Drinking from the polluted waterfall would have sparked water elemental battles.


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